The Radiac Appliance
By Debrah Harding, ND

Vibrational appliances are a unique contribution to alternative medicine from the Cayce readings. The first one I’ll discuss is the Radiac Appliance, also called the Radio-Active Device, Impedance Device or the Radiac. The specifications for the construction of this gadget were entirely channeled from the Source of Cayce's readings. Cayce himself, knew nothing about this device, nor did this device exist at the time. Here is an image of the device.

Radaic from BaarInside this rectangular structure are two carbon steel plates, separated by panes of glass and surrounded by carbon blocks and charcoal. Visit Baar Products, the exclusive supplier of Edgar Cayce remedies at

How does it work? In electrical terms it could be called a capacitor, (passive electrical component), surrounded by a resistor, (a two terminal electrical component). In other words, it would seem to be some kind of battery. Interestingly, unlike a battery, the radiac appliance offers no electrical charge or output of its own. It utilizes your own electrical currents and manipulates them in such a way as to give you back your own perfect recharge. It is truly medicine for your energy.

Does it sound far-fetched? Well Cayce recommended using the Radial Appliance over 455 times! He went so far as to say in this oft quoted saying,

“The radial appliance is very good: good for everybody! (631-2) Especially to rest tired businessmen and overtaxed ladies….and there are a few!”
(Reading 1800-16)

And this overtaxed lady can say it’s amazing. I received my radiac appliance in 2003. I have been faithfully using it ever since. Results from it have become pleasantly predictable. I use it whenever I feel just plain shot. This could be after traveling, a crappy day, or lack of enough sleep. I charge it up then strap it on and lie down with it for 30-45 minutes.

Within about 10 minutes it just knocks me out…a short while later it wakes me up! I get right up (something of a miracle in itself) and I'm in a pleasant mood (ditto)...and here it is…I feel fully mental and physically recharged. There’s nothing like it! I sell herbs and vitamins and can say there’s no feeling I get from any of it that I get from the Radiac Appliance.

“The appliance acts as an equalizer and would only act in that same force wherein normal rest to the body becomes recuperative powers for same”
(Reading 1800-4)

Cayce says that it puts us in touch with the Creative Forces, improves our dreams, and helps to quiet us from within. All of that has been my experience. He recommended using it during meditation or while reading uplifting spiritual material.

I have used this in my practice with about 25 patients. Nearly every single one has said “It does what you said it would do”. I have had patients purchase the device for spouses and parents.

It’s a unique, reliable tool that you can heal your energy with every day.

Debrah Harding, NDDebrah Harding, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor and a graduate of National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Ore. Her private practice is in Marlton, N.J. For the past 10 years she has skillfully integrated Cayce based therapies into her naturopathic practice. To learn more visit