While we are bio-individuals we are also part of a collective. We each have special gifts to contribute to the world, and when we do so from a place of love there is harmony. Cells and different systems within our body work together for optimal well-being,just like a vehicle containing a variety of mechanisms that function with each other for the vehicle to perform at optimum level. If any of these components are lacking in some way, the entire system that they are a part of is impacted. The same applies to the collective consciousness. The energy we emit either works to increase or decrease the well-being of all. The choice is ours.

At times it may be challenging to see the world through this lens. Each of us is part of something much larger than ourselves and our words, thoughts and actions help to co-create the state of the world around us.

This is not new information, but it is knowledge that we are relearning. This has always been a part of us. It is built into our fiber. We are now facing a critical time and are being reawakened to the wisdom that everything is connected. What affects one part affects them all. One of the concepts and ideas that is contained within the Edgar Cayce readings is that every moment of our lives we are in a process of co-creating the images and patterns that help to shape and energize our future.

We are all vibratory beings. Have you ever met someone and were instantly drawn to them or perhaps felt very uneasy around them? Maybe there is a person in your life that when you talk to them you feel incredibly energized or there’s someone who completely drains you? This is energy, and as we move through life we may experience shifts in energy and periods of higher or lower levels of vibration.

As contributors to our story and that of the world’s, what story are we writing? Will it be a drama? An action-packed adventure? A horror story? I would like to choose a love story.

Life happens to us every day and experiences fall into our path that may shake our constitution. There are times that life can get us “down” (a lowering of our vibrational state.) As challenging as it may seem in these moments, recognizing these as parts of our story, will help us grow and become stronger if we allow that growth. It may seem impossible to view something tragic through these eyes, and this perspective is not designed to disregard the pain that life can bring. We must know, and come to terms with the fact, that there are limitations to that which we can control.

It isn’t what happens to us in life, but how we react to it that either increases or decreases its energetic power within us. When we choose to let go of what we cannot control we also release toxicity that may be attached to it. When we hold onto experiences that were hurtful to us, feelings of anger, fear, jealously, and resentment, can build up in the system, lowering our vibration. These emotions are poison to our being, hinder our spiritual growth and well-being, and often cause us to react in an unconsciousness state to situations.

If someone treats you in a way that is unkind, it may have nothing to do with you. It is usually something that they are struggling with that is creating this behavior. Now if you did something that lacked kindness first, then their reaction could very well be about you.

Reacting to a lower vibratory state with that same energy only intensifies that energy. Not reacting is reacting. It is a choice to forego the engagement of succumbing to a state of unconsciousness in that moment. While living in a noise polluted, technically addicted, and always on the go society, it can be difficult to operate from a place of awareness because we are often lacking the stillness required to calm our minds, relax our bodies, and harness the power of connecting with the divine. Much like riding a bike or playing an instrument, it takes practice.

Once you can employ a calm state within and function from this space, some will be encouraged by your state, and it will inspire them to elevate their own vibration. It may also result in you becoming a target for those who are working from a lower vibrational state. Beings in this state often like to inflict their suffering on others. Remember that saying, “misery loves company.” Keep in mind, unpleasant behavior toward you may have nothing to do with you.

There are a variety of ways that one may consider raising or maintaining a healthy vibratory state. Be mindful (not to be confused with mind FULL) of your words, thoughts, and actions. Are they coming from a place of love? Bless someone not only with your words, thoughts, and actions, but also from the heart. The universe is all knowing. If our words and actions are not coherent with our heart, it creates a different energy then when these two components are in unison. In the sound healing community, we like to say that your energy speaks before you say a word.

Are there other factors that can influence our vibrational levels? The answer is yes. One method to increase your vibration is through the foods we consume. Processed foods have a lower energetic value than whole foods. When we eat closer to the source of the food, it contains more vitality which then supplies our system. For example, when you eat a fresh picked tomato from a garden versus canned tomatoes, you are eating closest to the origin of the food and its natural state. Greek physician, Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

Outside of food consumption, what are we feeding ourselves? What kind of programming are we watching? What colors are around us? Do we maintain a clean and clutterfree space? How often do we unplug from technology? Are we getting quality sleep? How are we spending our time? Who is part of our story? These things are a part of our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual diet.

Once we are fully aware of the many ways we co-create our lives and shape our world it can be overwhelming. The choices that you make matter. Every time you interact with another being there is a choice. Choose kindness. Choose compassion. Choose love. Every piece of the puzzle needs to be added for the whole picture to be seen. You and I, while our own beings, with our own unique and special gifts, are connected.


If you are interested in learning more about raising you vibrations, join Christina Grozik in her upcoming webinar. This webinar will explore ways to raise your vibration through the choices we make and give you practical tips for keeping those “good vibes” in us and around us.