Because I had originally been so concerned with Edgar Cayce’s earth change predictions, I was surprised when I eventually counted them for myself. Less than 20 of more than 14,000 Cayce readings actually discuss physical earth changes! Some of these readings suggest that the entire planet can expect major earthquakes and inundations before the turn of the century. A few, concerning the period 1932-1936, are especially fatalistic. Oftentimes, these are the very readings that have been quoted out of context or have proved to be inaccurate. Just one example is the frequently quoted reading that states, “The earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the west coast of America...” (3976-15) This reading was even quoted in A.R.E.’s long-running “Introductory Film” (1975-1993). But the question to which Cayce was actually responding dealt with the changes to be expected in 1934!

The readings also pinpointed 1936 as a year of major change. However, the readings suggested that the change would entail “the breaking up of many POWERS” in terms of “world affairs.” The irony of this date is that 1936 did mark the outbreak of civil war in Spain, Chiang Kai-shek’s declaration of war on Japan, and Hitler’s reoccupation of the Rhineland--an event that many pinpoint as the impetus for the eventual outbreak of World War II. Rather than earthquakes, the changes expressed themselves in the affairs of humankind through the outbreak of war.

For the most part, Cayce’s perspective of future events is positive. A number of readings suggest that the changes will be gradual not cataclysmic, resulting in the dawning of a “New Age” of hope and community for all of humankind. The readings also saw the period between 1958-1998 as one of great global transformation, bringing changes that would enable us to move from the vibrational consciousness of the Piscean Age into that of the Aquarian Age.

However, to be true to some individuals’ interpretations of the Cayce material, I must add there are a number of readings which suggest that the earth would receive major physical changes before 1998, with a shifting of the poles between 1998-2001. Undoubtedly, changes of this magnitude would have had catastrophic effects upon all of humankind, most likely destroying civilization as we know it. These external events would so alter the lives of any survivors that the only way remaining for them to turn would be to place all of their faith in God. Since several readings are fairly insistent that the changes will occur and they haven’t, should we expect the worst for some time in our history or should we assume that Cayce was wrong?

Copyright 2009, Kevin J. Todeschi