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Raye Mathis

Raye Mathis is a member of the faculty at Atlantic University where she teaches Spiritual Crisis and Symbols and Mythology courses. She has a BA in mathematics, a Master's degree in clinical social work, and has completed post-graduate work at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. She has maintained an on-going astrological counseling practice for almost 40 years. Her column, The Astrologer's Corner, appears in the A.R.E.'s Venture Inward magazine available exclusively to A.R.E. members by mail or online at

Posts by Raye Mathis:

November 17, 2016

I have received numerous emails about the recent U.S. Presidential election. Several astrologers predicted that Clinton would win the election and as a result many people are now questioning the valid…

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April 22, 2016

Several theories have been offered over the years for how astrology works. A causal theory proposes that there may be an actual physical influence from the planets (like the Moon-controlled tides) tha…

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January 10, 2013

In the Astrologer's Corner of the Oct-Dec 2012 issue of Venture Inward magazine, I noted the following: Here we go again. Mercury will change direction, turning retrograde (Rx), on election day, Novem…

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Earth Changes
March 14, 2011

On March 11, the planet Uranus entered the sign of Aries where it will be for the next eight years, until the year 2019. In astrology Uranus symbolizes change—sudden and revolutionary change—and in th…

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